Yin Yoga

What Makes Yin Yoga Different?

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Yin Yoga is a gentle and introspective style of yoga that has gained popularity in recent years.  It offers a unique approach to the practice, focusing on deep relaxation, stillness, and targeting the body’s connective tissues.  One of the primary distinctions of Yin Yoga is the pace and duration of …

Benefits of Incorporating Pranayana

Benefits of Incorporating Pranayama


Discover the extraordinary world of Pranayama—an ancient yogic practice touted for its healing abilities. Supported by scientific research, Pranayama involves controlling and extending the breath to tap into the vital life force known as prana. The Science Behind Pranayama Scientific studies have shed light on the physiological and psychological benefits …

Green Tea’s Unique Benefits for Radiant Skin


Healthy, glowing skin is something we all desire.  In recent years, natural remedies have gained widespread attention in skincare routines. One such remedy, green tea, has established itself as a powerhouse for promoting healthy skin. Refreshing and packed with antioxidants, green tea not only offers a host of health benefits …

Facial Acupuncture for Healthy Skin & to Reduce Signs of Aging


Written by licensed Acupuncturist, Michelle Thelen. What is facial or cosmetic acupuncture, and how does it work? Cosmetic acupuncture, also known as facial rejuvenation acupuncture, is a safe, non-toxic, and holistic method of treating the skin. Numerous training sessions are conducted across the U.S. to train acupuncturists in this technique, …

3 Ways Acupuncture Can Change Your Life Right Now


Written by licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist, Carissa Kelly. 1. It Creates a bath for your Nervous System Stress, diet, pain, work, hormone imbalance, and toxicity can wreak havoc on our nervous system. When the body’s physical, emotional and spiritual environment are under siege in even the slightest way, the nervous …