Come as you are. You are perfect for yoga.

We believe one's path in yoga is as unique as the individual, and our class offerings reflect that belief.

We pride ourselves on leaving no one out.

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Class Descriptions


Yin yoga is for everyone! It targets connective tissues, ligaments and joints which are areas of the body that do not receive as much blood flow as muscles, taking longer to lengthen and restore. Increase flexibility, re-lubricate joints, reduce pain and calm your mind.


Restorative classes help eliminate fatigue and stress that result from daily activities by bringing the nervous system to a restful state, allowing muscles to relax. Doing so regularly can support recovery from illness, injury, depression and anxiety.


Experience a synergy of breath, stretching and relaxation, perfect for beginners or those who prefer a gentle approach to fitness. Strengthen and lengthen your body with confidence and proper alignment.


This alignment based class teaches the fundamentals of yoga with modifications to ensure it is proper for your unique body. It includes balancing, twists, standing strength poses and more.

Slow Flow

Move at a slower pace than power yoga and breathe more deeply while increasing flexibility, strength, and stamina. This expressive class builds heat in flowing sequences and finishes with calming, restorative poses. It's helpful to have familiarity with yoga poses.


Gain strength, flexibility, balance, focus, empowerment and endurance in a warmed studio of 80-84 F. Power yoga is an athletic practice that activates muscles in the entire body and disciplines the mind. It's helpful to have familiarity with yoga poses for this class.

We'll meet you on the mat.

Joining us for yoga? Here's what to expect:

Leave your cares and worries at the door.

01. Remember to sign-in upon arrival and order your drink from the tea bar, where it will be ready for you after class.

02. Arrive to class on time or early with an empty stomach.

03. Use your own yoga mat or rent one of ours for $1.

04. Keep conversations quiet.

05. Leave shoes and belongings outside the studio in a cubby.

06. Alert your teacher of any injuries.

07. Silence cell phones and leave outside the studio.

08. Wear comfortable clothes, not too baggy nor revealing.

09. Arrive free of strong smells and perfumes to respect others with allergies.

10. Let your teacher know if you will be leaving early.

Cancellation Policy

Sign up for classes on our website or by downloading the Serasana or MindBody App. Class times and teachers may change which are viewable on our website.

Terms & Conditions

Drop-in and class passes expire 6 months from activation. Expired classes may be re-activated for a fee. No refunds or extensions due to travel or lack of use. Extensions due to serious illness may be considered. Request must be in writing prior to expiration.