We'll meet you on the virtual mat.

First time trying virtual yoga? Here's how to get started.

Follow these instructions:

01. Purchase a virtual pass from any Serasana location.

02. Download the free ZOOM app here if you don't have it already.

03. Add hello@fitgrid.com to your email contacts.

04. Sign in to the virtual class of your choice by the class schedule above, downloading the Serasana app (and choosing the Serasana Virtual location) or emailing virtual@serasana.com.

05. Be on the lookout for an email with a link to your ZOOM class. Make sure to check your spam & junk folder.

06. Click the link when class starts and enter your first and last name to join.

07. Enjoy class!

Class Descriptions


Yin yoga is for everyone! It targets connective tissues, ligaments and joints which are areas of the body that do not receive as much blood flow as muscles, taking longer to lengthen and restore. Increase flexibility, re-lubricate joints, reduce pain and calm your mind.


Restorative classes help eliminate fatigue and stress that result from daily activities by bringing the nervous system to a restful state, allowing muscles to relax. Doing so regularly can support recovery from illness, injury, depression and anxiety.


Experience a synergy of breath, stretching and relaxation, perfect for beginners or those who prefer a gentle approach to fitness. Strengthen and lengthen your body with confidence and proper alignment.


This alignment based class teaches the fundamentals of yoga with modifications to ensure it is proper for your unique body. It includes balancing, twists, standing strength poses and more.

Slow Flow

Move at a slower pace than power yoga and breathe more deeply while increasing flexibility, strength, and stamina. This expressive class builds heat in flowing sequences and finishes with calming, restorative poses. It's helpful to have familiarity with yoga poses.


Gain strength, flexibility, balance, focus, empowerment and endurance in a warmed studio of 80-84 F. Power yoga is an athletic practice that activates muscles in the entire body and disciplines the mind. It's helpful to have familiarity with yoga poses for this class.

Virtual Class FAQ

Answers to some frequently asked questions.