Specialty Tea Drinks

Kombucha on Tap   $4 / $7

A fermented mix of tea, sugar & good bacteria to give your belly a healthy dose of probiotics. 

Matcha Tea Shot   $2.85

Ceremonial grade Japanese powdered green tea leaves that provide a steady energy boost all day long.

Golden Milk   $4.85

A warming Ayurvedic elixir of turmeric, ginger, pepper, cinnamon, agave and almond milk.

Golden Mango Smoothie   $5.85

An iced version of our Golden Milk - upgraded with a fruity blend of mangos & bananas.

Mojteato   $5.85

Japanese matcha powder paired with a refreshing mix of lime, mint, agave and sparkling water.

Teana Colada   $4.85

A tropical pick-me-up crafted with pineapple, coconut milk, white tea and agave.

Hemp Horchata  $7.85

A luscious blend of almond milk, maple syrup, organic CBD oil* and aromatic spices sure to satisfy your sweet-tooth.

Everyday Iced Tea   $1.85 / $2.85

Signature Hibiscus
Traditional Black
Moroccan Mint Green

Yogi Tea   $4.85

Our homemade chai, infused with aged pu-erh tea, ginger and other warming spices - then sweetened just right with almond milk and agave. Available hot or iced.

Powerhouse Matcha Latte   $4.85

A powerful blend of plant-based protein and matcha, mixed with almond milk, a touch of agave and invigorating spices.

Buttered Coffee   $4.85

Not your average latte. A high-performance and satisfying cup of dark roast coffee blended with grass fed ghee and MCT Oil.

French Press Coffee   $2.85

Organic dark roast brewed in the french press method.

*Availability varies by location.

Organic Tea

Sourced all over the earth to find you organic tea that is free of flavoring.
Our teas can be steeped multiple times. Just ask for a refill at the tea bar!

Botanical Tea

CUP $3 / POT $5 / OUNCE $8

Calming Tea

Brew a cup, calm your mind and leave the rest to a soothing blend of chamomile, peppermint and Indian caffeine-free green tea.


Support your immune system with a caffeine-free herbal and warming blend of holy basil, echinacea and elderflower to promote health and well-being.

Brain Tonic

Revitalize your mind with this caffeine-free brew containing some of the most powerful brain boosting herbs with notes of gingko, hibiscus and gotu kola.

Signature Hibiscus

A ruby red citrus blend, featuring hibiscus, rosehips, orange peel and lemongrass for a caffeine-free herbal tea. Chill with ice and sweeten with honey to refresh during the hot summer days.

White Tea

CUP $3 / POT $5 / OUNCE $8

White Peony (China)

Soft traditional white tea with a subtle woody and sweet aroma. Our leaves are sourced from the original birthplace of white tea in China and are delicately plucked with two tea leaves and a bud.

Mandarin Heaven (China/US)

A smooth and floral white tea hand blended with lemon myrtle leaf, orange peel and marigold to create a revitalizing citrus lift to your day.

Lavender White (China/France)

A fragrant fusion of white tea and french lavender come together in this luxurious blend. Sip back and relax.

Green Tea

CUP $3 / POT $5 / OUNCE $8

Jasmine (China)

Awaken your mind and bloom your senses. Tender green tea leaves and silvery down-covered buds are scented with jasmine blossoms to make this delicate blend.

Gunpowder (China)

A traditional green tea bursting with energy. The leaves are rolled into small pearls, resembling gunpowder pellets, then unfurl before your eyes.

Sencha (Japan)

A classic green tea that is handpicked, deep steamed and carefully dried after harvesting. Dark green leaves create a rich vegetal flavor and a slight bitter and nutty quality.

Dragonwell (China)

This world renowned green tea has a sweet and inviting aroma that has been perfected by tea masters. You’ll notice a delicate swirl of pleasantly nutty and grassy flavors that emerge from a hot wok shaping technique.

Earl Grey Green (China/US)

A lively reinvention of the classic earl grey that pairs green tea with the orange rind zestiness of Italian bergamot to create a crisp and aromatic infusion.

Moroccan Mint (China/US)

An exotic blend of mellow green teas, mint, and a hint of lemongrass combine a crisp and brightly flavorful cup. Refresh your taste buds by adding ice and a splash of sweetener to create a supercool version of this tea.

Lover's Green (China/US)

Indulge in this sensual and soothing fusion of green tea, rose petals, marigold and antioxidant rich honey bush that comforts from the inside out.

Da Qi Cha (China/US)

Balance your being with this green tea infusion, crafted with eleuthero root, schisandra berry, gingko leaf and gotu kola. A cup of this tea will boost your energy as warming notes of licorice and ginger mingle together tastefully.

Oolong Tea

CUP $5 / POT $7 / OUNCE $10

Oriental Beauty (Taiwan)

Each delightful cup unfolds to reveal a rainbow of layered and oxidized white, green, yellow, red and brown leaves. A top-grade classic with satisfying impressions of honey, peach and nectarine for a super smooth tea.

Jade Oolong (Taiwan)

This rare, golden-green oolong is harvested only twice a year high in the mountainous region of Qingxin, Taiwan. Tightly rolled and lightly oxidized leaves unfurl to release a floral aroma, delicate flavor and smooth finish.

Honey Bitten Oolong (Taiwan)

This unique version of an oolong tea is entirely dependent on nature to develop its rich honey flavor as a result of bitten leaves. Cultivated high in the mountains of Taiwan, this prized tea is only harvested once a year and roasted to ultimate sweet perfection.

Iron Goddess of Mercy (China)

A tea that celebrates the Chinese Goddess or Mercy, Ti Kuan Yin, who spoke of treasure near a poor farmer’s land. It is storied to have grown from that treasure to become a light, amber infusion of happiness in a cup - reminiscent of baked grain and apricot aroma.

Milk Oolong (Vietnam)

Soft and delicate, like a liquid sunrise. A fragrant treat of soft cream and peaches swirl around large, tightly-rolled leaves to bring a milky touch to every sip.

Black Tea

CUP $3 / POT $5 / OUNCE $8

Darjeeling 2nd Flush (India)

Each sip of this rare black tea offers a darker liquor and stronger body than the first flush. This tea begins high in the foothills of the Himalayas in the biodynamic estate of Darjeeling and is prized as the champagne of teas - a mix of muscatel grape and a sweet toasty finish.

Golden Yunnan (China)

This rich, bold and exceptional black tea is masterfully oxidized from the “birthplace of tea” in China’s Yunnan province. Chestnut leaves and golden buds unfold to reveal notes of luxurious chocolate, sweet raisin and peppery spice with a deep malty finish.

Hathikuli Assam (India)

This full-bodied black tea is sourced next to a wildlife sanctuary in India that is prized for its distinctive flavor profile. Golden tipped leaves give your tastebuds a smooth journey through a nutty, sweet and malty balance.

Nilgiri Exquisite (India)

A crisp, full-bodied tea grown at 10,000 ft above sea level in the Nilgiri mountains. This beautiful amber brew offers a low astringency and perfect balance of woody and floral flavors. Combine ice and your choice of sweetener for a refreshing iced tea in the summer.

Top Shelf Tea

CUP $8 / POT $13 / OUNCE $18

Sparrow Tongue Yellow (China)

Rare and elegant with a flowery, fresh aroma, this yellow tea offers a superior experience with no astringency. Lighter than green tea but stronger than white tea, you’ll taste the perfect balance that steeps from its needle-like dark and light leaves.

Gyokuro Imperial (Japan)

Known as “precious dew”, this jade-green tea is grown in the shade and steamed - making it one of the finest Japanese teas. The slow process develops higher levels of chlorophyll and amino acids in the leaves, developing a perfectly smooth and concentrated taste of fresh seaweed and vegetal flavors.

Pu-Erh Tea

CUP $3 / POT $5 / OUNCE $8

Pu-Erh Maiden (China)

Smooth and creamy pu-erh tea fermented just right and foraged in the jungles of Southwest China. This favorite digestive tea will soothe the belly and serve a luxurious taste of nutty-sweet and earthy flavors - with hints of dark espresso and toasted acorn.

Buddha Belly Pu-Erh (China/US)

A skillfully blended pu-erh tea brightened with warming turmeric, ginger root and a hint of peppermint to reduce inflammation and improve digestion. Every sip will warm your belly.

Chrysanthemum Tuo Cha (China)

Each carefully pressed and wrapped shape unfolds to reveal sun-dried chrysanthemum flowers infused with aged pu-erh tea leaves. A traditional and soothing delight for digestion and delivers a red-wine brew with an earthy and lightly sweet flavor.

All loose teas are available iced.
Patience is required, as it takes a few extra minutes to brew and cool.