Wellness awaits you.

What is Serasana?

The use of ancient wellness practices & Traditional Chinese medicine are incorporated into our acupuncture, yoga, massage, and other remedies & services offered. You will be transported to a beautiful sanctuary where your intentions to realize better health for body, mind and spirit are fully supported.


Serasana is a gem. The yoga community at Serasana is warm and inviting. The hidden gems are the acupuncture and massage amenities. And then the extras like the tea and wine bar.

Susie Gray Biehle

Visionary Wellness Spa! Soothing sensory pleasures in every room, a loving staff, holistic workshops, community tea bar, a complimentary blend of yoga, spa and healing medicine, a must for an hour break or a mind body make-over for the whole day!

G Caccavalla

Wellness is what this spa is about. Love the easy stone massage and acupuncture. Also taking advantage of the yoga offer for new clients. The bar is fantastic!

Helen Buck