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Serasana is a Wellness Studio that fuses ancient wellness practices, specializing in rejuvenation through stress and pain management by blending acupuncture, yoga, massage, healing tea and remedies.

What Our Clients say

Serasana is a gem. The yoga community at Serasana is warm and inviting. The hidden gems are the acupuncture and massage amenities. And then the extras like the tea and wine bar.

Susie Gray Biehle

Visionary Wellness Spa! Soothing sensory pleasures in every room, a loving staff, holistic workshops, community tea bar, a complimentary blend of yoga, spa and healing medicine, a must for an hour break or a mind body make-over for the whole day!

G Caccavalla

Wellness is what this spa is about. Love the easy stone massage and acupuncture. Also taking advantage of the yoga offer for new clients. The bar is fantastic!

Helen Buck

Featured Services

Customized Acupuncture

This comprehensive session includes treatment once a brief consultation is completed. Based on progress and intention, insertion of tiny sterile needles along the acupuncture meridians to ease and relieve conditions.

Therapeutic Massage

This deeper style of bodywork helps to release chronic patterns of tension and pain in the body. Slower massage strokes and more specific direct deep pressure or friction are utilized to affect the underlying muscles and structure of the body.

Private Yoga Session

A private session with one of our instructors will guide you based on your physical and mental needs, while also taking the time to show you how to get into and out of every pose properly.

Choose Your Wellness Plan

Our Wellness Memberships are designed to facilitate an overall feeling of well-being that gets even better with each session. Join us today and experience a full feeling of rejuvenation and relaxation.




Choose 1 per month:

Private Acupuncture

50 Minute Focus Massage

*6 month minimum commitment.

Wellness 50



Choose 2 per month:

Private Acupuncture

50 Minute Private Yoga Session

50 Minute Focus Massage

Plus, 10% off any additional services, retail, workshops and tea bar drinks.

Wellness 80



Choose 2 per month:

Private Acupuncture

80 Minute Private Yoga Session

80 Minute Therapeutic Massage

80 Minute Soothing Massage

Plus, 15% off any additional services, retail, workshops and tea bar drinks.