Welcome to Serasana!

Serasana is a Wellness Studio that fuses ancient wellness practices, specializing in rejuvenation through stress and pain management by blending acupuncture, yoga, massage, healing tea and remedies.


Be embraced, soothed, nurtured and balanced by the hands of our experienced and intuitive practitioners. Our massages go beyond your typical spa massage.  We incorporate the principles of Chinese Medicine to enhance the therapeutic effects.


Acupuncture is an ancient system of complementary medicine that involves gently inserting tiny needles into different areas of the body, used to alleviate pain and to treat various physical and emotional conditions.


We believe there is a path in the journey of yoga for everyone. Serasana prides itself on leaving no one out.  Yoga allows you a safe space to be open to whatever your spiritual path is. Come as you are.


Discover rare and organic teas from around the world!
We only offer tea that is free from added flavor — natural and artificial. Our customers deserve only the best tea in its purest form.


  •   Awesome yoga and amazing massage!! The staff is incredibly friendly. I haven't tried the acupuncture, but have heard from others how beneficial it has been for them. Total wellness is the goal.

    thumb Sarah Lee Marshall

      This is a wonderful setting for relaxing yoga. The staff is knowledgeable and very helpful to your individual needs. We need to support this business! Come on out. You will enjoy the experience.

    thumb Ron Garrick

      Serasana is a very special wellness spa. It's a place of serenity and peace and the place to add to your weekly health regimen. My friends and I have been enjoying the Kundalini yoga as well as the delicious drinks from the Tea Bar. We all can't wait to add in massages and acupuncture as well. We are lucky to have these options in our community. Thanks Serasana.

    thumb Dorie Looney
  •   Love this place. They have an amazing selection of teas, smoothies and coffee based drinks. They offer a comprehensive yoga class schedule. My favorite are the 6 AM power yoga classes. They even have classes for children. The environment is very soothing with a brand-new build out.

    thumb Tanuj Nakra

      This place is awesome. I think the massage therapists are the best in town. Highly recommend Diane and Kaitlin. Great yoga teachers too. Only place I go.

    thumb Mark Hawkins

      Serasana is AMAZING! I love all the drinks, vibes, and the community it attracts.

    thumb Alexis Mendez
  •   Love the tea bar, love the atmosphere, and of course love the yoga! Recently had a massage from Poy and it was wonderful, she has some amazing Thai Massage techniques. Molly for acupuncture is the sweetest ever. Still going to try other Massage therapists here, but definitely recommend everyone 🙂 <3

    thumb Heather Burnside

      Great yoga community. Awesome instructors. Unique blend of services with yoga, massage, acupuncture and tea!!

    thumb Susie Gray Biehle

      Amazing teas. Super friendly atmosphere. Invigorating yoga. Beautiful lighting. Definitely phenomenal energy going on here.

    thumb Blake Corley
  •   The atmosphere of this place is SO serene and the staff is SO accommodating and friendly. I never want to leave... and with a stocked tea bar, you might not be able to make me! <3

    thumb Chelsea Tauzin

      First time Hatha class, and they were wonderful. Patient with a new person, but challenging for the more experienced. Everyone very friendly and open, from the reception, to back office, and of course a very thoughtful and thorough instructor. Beautiful and relaxing. I'll be back.

    thumb George Schools

      Anything Gina does will Be top notch and the best it can be!!!

    thumb Sheryl Wilbanks Phillips Scott
  •   Love this place!! Tried yoga before and just couldn't get very far out of the gate. On our 4th month and we love it. Try to go as much as possible with their flat rate unlimited visit program. And we go in our golf cart!!!!

    thumb Stratton Cyrus

      Love this place! The services are wonderful, yoga is heavenly, and their thoughtful selection of high quality, top shelf teas and healing herbs is impressive! Your body will thank you.

    thumb Sariah Welch Lopez

      Hands down the best yoga studio around. Great staff, a wide range of classes and a beautiful serene atmosphere. Namaste.

    thumb Mariellen Mining Fagan
  •   Highly recommend Valerie Aris for acupuncture. My experience has been great

    thumb Helen Rose Buck

      I absolutely love everything at Serasana! The yoga classes are excellent with a real dedication to the philosophy of yoga, not just the acrobatics etc. The staff is amazing, the acupuncturists are wonderful and the decor is so tasteful etc. Soooo what else do you want to know???

    thumb Engracia Bautil

      Serasana embodies relaxation, serenity and connection all in an effortlessly cool environment. The yoga classes and workshops are wonderful, with fabulous and inspirational teachers. The community Acupuncture is a great way to try Acupuncture in a relaxing community setting and all of the therapists (massage and Acupuncture) that I have met are exceptional. This place is just fabulous and the neighborhood is lucky to have such a great new spot to rest, heal and rejuvenate, all in one place.

    thumb Chanelle MacNab