Welcome to Serasana

A Wellness Studio

Serasana is not just a yoga studio and spa: it is a lifestyle. We integrate ancient wellness practices and Traditional Chinese Medicine to provide clients with a full-service experience in order to improve health and overall well-being.

Our products and services are designed to work together to reduce stress, improve health, and enhance one’s life experience – achieving complete wellness.

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Tea bar

Come experience the power of tea at our tea bar. We have over 31 types of organic, loose-leaf tea that is available to buy per ounce, or enjoy a drink already made for you. 

Our iced teas and tea-of-the-day are complimentary with all Serasana services.

locally owned

We work very closely together to support one another and our clients. Our studios provide soothing environments that blend a level of congruency with the uniqueness of our owners, employees and patrons.

We encourage you to visit all of our locations so you can experience firsthand what we mean. Each one is nurturing and calming in their own way.