The Power of Temple Oil

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Awaken your senses with the signature aroma of Serasana! Temple Oil is an organic herbal blend that was developed by our own master herbalists using Traditional Medicine principles.

You’ll find Temple Oil used as our standard complimentary aromatherapy, in yoga classes and sold on our shelves. Diffuse a few drops of Temple Oil when you need to recharge or unwind after a long day. The all-natural aroma is your safe, non-toxic alternative to scented candles.

What’s in Temple Oil?                               

Serasana’s Temple Oil features a blend of unique and organic essential oils following in the footsteps of ancient herbs and medicine. Ancient practices have said that the following ingredients are often miraculous in their powers to stimulate healing and invigorate the senses with their aromatic benefits:

Australian Sandalwood (Tan Xiang): Relieves stress and pressure, alleviates headaches and mental fogginess, improves sleep quality, fights inflammation.

Himalayan Cedar Wood (Xue Song): Relaxing, deodorizes environments, repels insects, enhances concentration, reduces stress, eases tension, clears the mind.

Sweet Fennel (Xiao Hui Xiang): Energizing, uplifting, soothing, enhances productivity, calming.

Somalian Myrrh (Mo Yao): Balancing, relieves congestion, lifts negative moods, grounding, inspiring, soothing, cleansing.

Frankincense (Ru Xiang): Stimulates immune system, anti-inflammatory, reduces anxiety, strengthens respiratory system, enhances mood, improves memory, sedative.

Clove Bud (Ding Xiang): Stimulating, energizing, warming, invigorating, promotes wellness.

1. Moves Energy

It often requires no more than a few drops of an essential oil to benefit the body in powerful ways. Energy is the vital, vibrating, moving force of nature that influences the quality of our happiness, aging and health. Cultures around the world have given life energy a name; in India it’s called prana; in Hebrew, ruach; in Greek, pneuma; in Hawaiian, mana; in Japanese, ki, and in Chinese it’s called qi (pronounced chee). 

Qi is connected with the breath, because it animates our body and brings it to life. Unbalanced, blocked or weak qi can mean an unbalanced body bringing on pain and other negative ailments.

The aroma of Temple Oil invigorates your blood as it makes contact with the body, communicates with your brain as it moves through your nose and stimulates your organs as it enters your lungs.

2. Relaxes the Mind

The intention with our Temple Oil during sessions is to create a welcoming, relaxing and pleasant environment that will put the client at ease. Some emotional symptoms of Qi stagnation include feelings of stress, agitation and irritability.

During your treatment, a little bit of Temple Oil is applied directly on the problem areas, rubbed into acupuncture points, and inhaled – and can bring a great deal of relief. This instantly calms your body, harmonizes your mind and enhances the experience.

3. Reduces Pain

One of the ancient secrets in producing effective topical remedies that alleviate pain is the use of herbs and essential oils that promote the circulation of blood/Qi. Because essential oils are not ingested, but applied topically or inhaled, they don’t have to be processed through the digestive system and will act more directly.

There is typically no pain in the body when the blood and Qi are moving freely through the acupuncture channels and collateral vessels, according to Chinese Medicine principles. Therefore, the anti-inflammatory herbs that we include in Temple Oil produces amazing pain reducing affects.