Group Acupuncture VS Private Acupuncture


Since we offer both private and group acupuncture treatments at Serasana, we are able to customize health plans for each individual that addresses their health concerns while keeping within their budget. Which one is right for you?

1. Group Acupuncture

Group Acupuncture allows several people to be treated by the acupuncturist at once, resulting in lower costs while still providing high quality care. The main goal of this service is to increase accessibility to acupuncture by sharing space. If you’ve never tried acupuncture before – or are nervous about it, we recommend starting with group acupuncture, as you’ll have others who are also experiencing this step in your wellness journey. You’ll be fully clothed as you experience acupuncture in a quiet, meditative and relaxed atmosphere, such as our dimly lit yoga studio.

After the acupuncturist does a quick intake and consultation with everyone, you’ll remove your shoes, socks and roll up your shirt or pants. Group acupuncture is best for fewer and less complex wellness concerns, as acupuncturists can only reach meridian points that aren’t covered by your clothes, such as the hands, head, below elbows and knees. In group acupuncture, everyone lies back in a zero gravity or reclining chair for about 40 minutes while the needles do their work. Some beginners find the setting of group acupuncture comforting as you can bring a friend while you both receive treatment.

2. Private Acupuncture

Private acupuncture at Serasana provides the most traditional version of acupuncture, where you can leave your stressed and busy life at the door and solely focus on you and healing. In comparison to group acupuncture, your acupuncturist will spend more time with you during a comprehensive consultation and create a treatment plan for your needs. Another benefit to private acupuncture is more modalities can be added to your 50 or 80 minute acupuncture session, such as cupping or gua sha to enhance your session.

You’ll be in a private room on a massage table, while relaxing meditative music plays. There is also a flexibility to stay fully clothed or partially disrobe, giving more access to meridian points that aren’t available in group acupuncture, such as your back, hips, abdomen, or upper legs. This provides the freedom your acupuncturist will need to address more complex wellness concerns. Private acupuncture provides a time and space for you to enjoy the quiet, still and solitary and have the freedom to fully experience the emotional response to acupuncture.

3. Get Started

The acupuncture treatment you decide to try can be just as effective as the other. At Serasana, group acupuncture is usually held once or twice a week at every location. Private acupuncture sessions can be 50 or 80 min treatments. The longer session provides more time to focus on added modalities mentioned above.

Still not sure which to choose? We often see many clients choose to start with private acupuncture for the first few treatments, and switch to group acupuncture for long-term maintenance once they feel better. There are also patients that prefer the setting of group versus private, and vice versa. Try them both out and see which is most suited to you. At Serasana, we require that you complete a complimentary consultation with your acupuncturist before your first treatment to discuss goals, review medical history, check vitals and develop a treatment plan.  

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