Serasana Greenwood Village: Meet The Owners

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Inside Serasana Greenwood Village

We’re heading to Greenwood Village, Colorado! Our 2nd Serasana in Colorado, this new location will be south of Denver, off of 25 and Arapahoe. Kyra Hooper and her business partner and husband; Chris Hooper, joined Serasana as the new owners of the Greenwood Village location, which will be opening June 2022. We sat down with Kyra and asked her a few questions about her journey in opening this new location.

– Kyra Hooper, Owner of Serasana Greenwood Village

What inspired you to become the owner of a wellness studio? 

Since graduating college, I have been in the outdoor retail industry. The work was fast-paced, dynamic, and exciting, but it left me feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious. That is when I started practicing yoga and meditation. The busier I got with work, the more I sought out wellness to center myself. The big shift came when I turned 40. I had two small boys who didn’t see me enough and I wanted to be present for them. That is when I decided it was time for a BIG change, and the rest is history.

Why do you want to bring Serasana to Greenwood Village?

Because one Serasana in Colorado is not enough! Truly though, it felt like the right time to open in Greenwood Village. There are so many exciting things happening there right now, and we very much wanted to be a part of the community. I feel so blessed that our space became available when it did!

What will Serasana Greenwood Village feature?

We will feature best-in-class Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Yoga Instructors, and Tea enthusiasts!  Our mission is to provide a home away from home for the residents of Greenwood Village and Centennial. Whether they want a soothing massage, a luxurious acupuncture treatment, an invigorating yoga class, or a soothing cup of tea, Serasana will be waiting.

What is your favorite self-care ritual?

Being the mother of two young boys, starting a small business, and working full time doesn’t leave a lot of freedom to practice self-care. So, I have made it a priority to ALWAYS leave time for stillness and deep breathing. However, if I do find myself with some time, self-care is quiet mornings outside, afternoons on the trail, and weekends in the mountains, with my family.    

What has been your best memory so far at Serasana? 

How do I pick just one?  Definitely the people we have met! Getting support and encouragement from Patti & Bill, as well as the whole Serasana team! The relationships we have made over the last 12 months will be life-long friendships. And of course, seeing the progress of the studio has been very exciting. Watching it transform (week by week) into a beautiful sanctuary has also been very special. I can’t wait for everyone to see!

Please learn more about our services, opening specials and pricing here. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with us on our wellness journey!