The Benefits of Yoga


All body types can benefit from yoga! Simply defined, yoga is disciplining the body through breath control, meditation, and specific body movements and postures. No matter what body type you have or what insecurities or ‘problem areas’ you have, yoga can improve flexibility, muscle tone, and improve energy. In addition to benefiting your body, yoga can also provide relief from stress, anxiety, depression and generally improve your mental health.

With so many benefits and so many types of yoga, there’s no reason not to get in on all the hype!

Here are three ways yoga can benefit you:

1. Yoga Promotes General Health and Wellness

If you have ever been to a yoga class, you have probably heard the word, ‘namaste’. Roughly translated, it means ‘the spirit within me salutes the spirit within you’. The main goal of yoga is to find your own inner peace in a busy and hectic world. As you discipline your breathing and go through the various yoga poses, you are exercising your body and your mind. Yoga allows participants to receive immediate and long-lasting benefits to their physical and mental health.

2. Different Forms Provide Different Results

There are many different forms of yoga; depending on what kind of work-out you are looking for will determine which form of yoga is right for your body. Hatha is the main form of yoga that consists of basic moving with disciplined breathing. Power yoga is high intensity with the target to build muscles. Hot yoga is the new trend where you move through about twenty different poses in a high temperature room. The different forms of yoga are as unique as each person’s body type and needs.

3. Yoga Provides Benefits at Every Stage of Life

Yoga can provide benefits to every body type at every stage of life. As your body grows and goes through various changes, yoga can improve your health and provide relief and ease through any stage of life. Children, teens, young adults and seniors can all benefit from doing some form of yoga. By creating better posture, yoga helps people avoid back problems and pain as they age. Yoga also increases circulation especially to your hands and feet which can help with swelling. Yoga even eliminates toxins in the body while improving your immune system! The benefits that yoga can provide every body type throughout the life cycle are countless.

Yoga is the perfect exercise for every body type and it has immeasurable benefits for your health. Yoga exercises your mind and your body resulting in a healthy physical appearance and a healthy state of mind. There are many different forms and levels of difficulty when it comes to yoga and there is a class for every ability. Find a class and get started today, your body will thank you!