The Health Benefits of Tea


Teas are wonderful health enhancers, and can become a positive habit that protects and energizes your body. The word ‘tea’ can encompass many different types of drinks. Genuine tea comes from a specific plant, Camellia Sinensis. From there we get five major types of tea: green, oolong, white, black, and pu-erh. The main health-promoting substances in tea are polyphenols, which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in them.

Green Tea

One of the more popular types of tea, green tea, made with steamed tea leaves, offers many health benefits such as interfering with the growth of breast, bladder, stomach, lung and colon cancers. Green tea also helps prevent the clogging of arteries, reduces the risk of neurological disorders like Alzheimers, helps burn fat, and reduces the risk of stroke.

Serasana recommends:

Dragonwell (China): Also known as Lung Ching, is considered the most popular tea in the world and the National Drink of China. Tea drinkers all over the world recognize the sweet aroma and the delicate flavors that this specific type of tea offers.

Oolong Tea

Extracts in oolong tea burn up fat and provide endurance. Excess fat contributes to chronic conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. The antioxidants in oolong tea boost metabolism up to two hours after drinking it. Fat is burned as fuel during a metabolism boost, providing muscle endurance. Scientific speculation says that regular green tea consumption lowers the risk of metabolic syndrome, which can cause diabetes, stroke and artery disease.

Serasana recommends:
Jade Oolong (Taiwan): A rare and lightly oxidized oolong tea from the Qingxin cultivar in the high mountainous region of Taiwan. These leaves create a smooth golden green infusion with an orchid aroma, brisk flavor, smooth body and fruity finish.

White Tea

Because white tea is unfermented and uncured, it’s linked to more potent anticancer properties. White tea also helps protect against UV rays, making it a welcome addition to your summer routine! Because it goes through less processing, white tea’s general health properties are more elevated than other types of teas.

Serasana recommends:
White Peony (China): White Peony is the most common style of traditional white tea and consists of two tea leaves and a bud. Prized for its smooth,  sweet flavor and slight woody, toasted aroma.

Black Tea

A popular choice in the Western world, black tea is high in caffeine and studies have shown that it may protect a person’s lungs from damages that are caused by cigarette smoke. Â Boston’s School of Medicine reports that black tea consumption changes the abnormal functioning of blood vessels that are frequent in cardiovascular conditions. When vessels begin to function normally, risks lower for strokes and other cardio events.

Serasana recommends:
Golden Yunnan (China): A deeply flavored infusion with notes of peppery spice, chocolate, sweet raisin and malty finish. A hearty and rich organic black tea from this famous province.

Pu-Erh Tea

Pu-erh (or pu erh/pu er) is a fermented tea produced in China. Because of the fermentation, pu-erh develops a unique, rich taste and more benefits to the body. It has high levels of polyphenols, making it an efficient antioxidant. This tea also helps suppress fatty acids and cholesterol.

Serasana recommends:
Buddha Belly Pu Erh (China / US): Buddha Belly is skillfully blended with organic tumeric, ginger root and peppermint to reduce inflammation and improve digestion. A wonderful and strong black tea. Delicious iced or hot.

More Tea Benefits

Tea contains caffeine but is not dehydrating!
Unlike coffee or other caffeine drinks, tea hydrates the body like a friendly glass of water with benefits! Although you might not completely give up your daily cup of coffee, tea is a great alternative to help get you through the day.

Effective for intestinal disorders
Stomach pain tends to ruin just about anyone’s day. Soothe your stomach with tea! Although most types of tea will offer digestive benefits, chamomile, peppermint, and ginger tea are particularly helpful with intestinal issues and nausea.
*Note: Be sure to check with your doctor before consuming herbal teas if you’re pregnant or taking blood-thinning medications.

You can purchase your own tea leaves from Serasana to brew at home or join us at our tea bar and sample one of the wide varieties of teas we have available from around the world!

The brewing of a hot cup of tea is not only calming to the body after a long day, but also offers a multitude of great health benefits as well. Health never tasted so good!

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