Corporate Wellness

Bring wellness to your workplace.

For far too long we have prioritized doing well over being well.

Why choose us?

Research shows that when employees create healthy habits, performance improves.
It’s not about a number, it’s about building a culture of wellness and finding ways to engage employees.

Stress causes around one million employees to miss work every day.
Companies spend 75% of an employee's annual salary to cover lost productivity & replace workers.

9 in 10 employees report that their workplace stress affects their mental health.

4 in 5 employees feel emotional drained from their work, an early sign of burnout.

The Benefits

  • No money wasted. Never worry about things like gym memberships not being used.
  • Free mobile app for employee's ease of use.
  • One account to manage all activity.

  • Team engagement. Employees can attend classes together or recommend favorite services and therapists.
  • Have unlimited access to our extensive library of online yoga classes.
  • Tackle physical & mental health all under one roof.

    Customize your business wellness plan.

    Your business profile is created to store the accumulated monthly sessions. As your employees attend, session are debited from the business account. Unused sessions and classes roll to the next month, expiring after 1 year from purchase.

    Step One:

    Choose the amount of monthly sessions & classes according to the number of qualifying employees.
    Must meet minimum of 12 months commitment and $500 per month to qualify.

    The more you choose, the more you save!

    6-10 sessions (15% OFF)
    11-20 sessions (25% OFF)
    20+ sessions (35% OFF)

    Step Two:

    Employees specify their session choice at the time of scheduling.

    Sessions can be redeemed for any 50 min session*.
    Yoga classes can be modified to all skill levels.

    (*May exclude some services)

    The Perks

    Receive 15% off gift cards & other purchases.
    Complimentary organic tea after 50 min session.
    Complimentary birthday yoga class.

    Must provide proof of employment to redeem.

    Here's an example:

    Your company has 20 qualifying employees.
    You want each employee to enjoy
    1 50 minute session & 4 yoga classes per month.

    20 (employees) x (35% off service price)
    80 (employees x 4 yoga classes) x (35% off yoga class price)

     = Total per month