GiftCardsWelcome to Serasana!

Serasana is the fusion of ancient wellness practices, specializing in rejuvenation through stress and pain management by blending acupuncture, yoga, massage, healing tea and remedies.

You will notice the difference the moment you walk in the door. Greeted by the aromatic smell of homemade chai brewing in the tea bar and the sound of upbeat music in the reception, clients would never guess they just entered a spa and yoga studio. Our mission is to expose all walks of life to the amazing synergy these healing modalities have to offer in an upscale, yet approachable environment.  We commit to:

  • Provide time tested complementary therapies to the typical health care routine.
  • Educate through classes, workshops and privates about wellness using many techniques.
  • Involve clients in their own transformation.
  • Ensure a peaceful environment where clients feel comfortable and safe.
  • Encourage clients on the importance of being proactive about their health care.
  • Create experiences that awaken the best in all and provide hope and healing.

Our Philosophy

At Serasana, we value the practice of service and what it teaches us about ourselves, and our relation to others. We are attuned to and care about our client’s experience, needs and expectations. We honor the mind, body and spirit in each individual, and know the need to balance and blend all these elements. We teach our clients how to believe in one’s true self and look to one’s own body for answers.

In business and in relationships, we conduct ourselves with honesty, fairness, truth, and respect. We treat others, as we would want to be treated. We work together inclusively and collaboratively with energy, intention, and commitment. We keep each other informed, share what we are thinking and doing, to better serve our clients.

Our wellness atmosphere is nurturing, relaxing, stimulating, and inspiring. We invite all people to find space here, to feel safe, to create community, to feel at home, and find nourishment.